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Samara Seligsohn is a NYC based Tap Dancer, Choreographer, and Teacher. She graduated magna cum laude from Barnard College (2012) with a B.A. in Dance, where she developed a focus on tap history, performance, and Choreography. Upon graduating, she studied heavily under the mentorship of professionals such as Brenda Bufalino, Derick Grant, Lynn Schwab, and Nicholas Young amongst others. She has appeared in choreography by Felipe Galganni, Derick Grant, Max Pollak, Leonardo Sandoval, and Tony Waag and has danced with companies including Brenda Bufalino's New American Tap dance orchestra, Nicholas Young's Sound Movement Dance Company, and Chloe Arnold's Apartment #33. As a choreographer, Samara is in her fourth season as an Artist in Residence at the American Tap Dance Foundation. She has self-produce full evening tap concerts in NYC including "My Better Half" at Steps on Broadway and "On That Note" at Don't Tell Mama. On the live music scene, samara collaborates with some of New York's rising composers and musicians through her work with KSP: Kiho Samara Project, and Solomon Hoffman's "Songwriters Orchestra". Currently, samara is working as Dance Captain and Choreographic Associate of two original Concept shows by Christopher Erk with his company The Tap Factor touring with hapag-Lloyd cruises. Spreading her love and experience of tap, she is on faculty teaching regular drop-in classes at Steps on Broadway and the American Tap Dance Foundation, and is on faculty for auditions and Summer Intensives with the Joffrey Ballet School.



"On The Rise" - Dance Magazine (August 2015)


NY Times - Rhythm in Motion 2015   photo by Vitaliy Piltser

NY Times - Rhythm in Motion 2015 

photo by Vitaliy Piltser

"As an art of making noise, tap can just as effectively explore silence. In “MidBloom,” Ms. Seligsohn and her three dancers, in Goth-inspired costumes, investigated both, punctuating their soundtrack (Poliça’s “Dark Star”) with unexpected pockets of stillness. (Ms. Seligsohn cites T. S. Eliot — “There will be time” — as her guide.)"- NY Times

NY Times - Rhythm in Motion 2016  photo by Vitaliy Piltser

NY Times - Rhythm in Motion 2016

photo by Vitaliy Piltser

"“Off Course,” set to a partly instrumental and partly a cappella version of the 4 Non Blondes hit “What’s Up?,” had plenty of durable dancing..." -NY Times

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June 18-22


Miami, FL


July 9-13


(Assistant to Brenda Bufalino / Rehearsal Director for Tap it Out!)

New York, NY


July 11th @ 8 PM

RHYTHM IN MOTION @ Symphony Space

New York, NY


July 30-August 11

MS EUROPA with The Tap Factor

Kiel --> Travemuende


August 22

TAP & TOM @ Jacob's Pillow Inside/Out

Becket, MA




photography by Wallace Flores




STEPS ON BROADWAY2121 Broadway 3rd Floor, New York NY 10023)

BASIC TAP every Friday 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

This class is ideal for anybody new to tap dance, or anybody who wants to refresh on the basics.


BEGINNER TAP every Thursday 2:30-4:00 PM

If you have 1-2 years of experience tap dancing, this class is for you!


THE AMERICAN TAP DANCE FOUNDATION154 Christopher Street #2B, New York, NY 10014


We will start from square one and cover the fundamentals over a six week course. Loaner shoes are provided!


BEGINNER TAP Every Monday 7:15-8:30 PM

Perfect class for dancers who have learned the basics, and are ready to explore more technique, and longer phrasing. 



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PRIVATE LESSONS are available! Contact me for rates and scheduling. 


Live Performance / Music Videos


Choreography by Samara Seligsohn Music - "Dark Star" by Polica (No copyright infringement intended) Performed at the 14th Street Y

 Watch more here

Rhythm in Motion 2016 at The 14th Street Y in NYC, Presented by the American Tap Dance Foundation "What's Up..." - Choreography by Samara Seligsohn Dancers: Samara Seligsohn, Felipe Galganni and Christina Carminucci Arrangements and Original Music by Solomon Hoffman - variations on "What's Up" by the 4 Non Blondes.

KSP - Live band

The Orange Cosmos composed by Kiho Yutaka for KSP (Kiho Samara Project) featuring Norihiro Kikuta on Acoustic Guitar Violin - Kiho Yutaka Tap - Samara Seligsohn Acoustic Guitar - Norihiro Kikuta Mixing - Rozhan Razman Studio - Riro Muzik 

Our first collaboration! Arrangement by Kiho Yutaka on Violin Samara Seligsohn - Tap Dancer -Video by Aleutian Calabay


OA3 - Co-Composed by Samara Seligsohn (Tap) and Solomon Hoffman (Piano). Performed on 4/12 at the 2015 WaxWorks Spring showcase at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, NY


Choreography by Christina Carminucci